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Krka Waterfalls

Krka Waterfalls National Park

Nature attracts nature.
Being a human, we all are part of nature, the inclination towards nature has been instilled in us.
The closer we get to nature, the lighter we feel inside.
It wipes out all our stress and anxieties that occurred due to the tense of daily life.
But we cannot just simply pack off and settle in a wild.
However, we still are not deprived of the blessings of nature.
We have a chance to spend our free time or vacation wherever we want.
So why not try a place where we forget the trouble of problematic life and feel the ultimate pleasure.

Many places in the world contain hidden beauties.
One of them and the most loving place is in the Krka national park in Dalmatia, which is also a historic region of Croatia.

krka waterfalls national park
how to get to Krka Waterfalls from Split

Krka national park is a heaven on the earth, it encompasses many historical landmarks, natural landscapes of waterfalls, hills, and colorful surrounding trees and plants on its vast area of 109 square kilometers.

No matter who you are, the Krka national park pleases you in one way or another.

To enjoy swimming and diving in the crystal-clear water of the Krka river, there are plenty of waterfalls and swimming areas, where you can entertain yourself in fresh sweet water.
If you are seeking majestic scenery, some remarkable waterfalls captivate the hearts of viewers with falling milky water.
The Skradinski Buk and Roski waterfalls are the best examples of this scenic treasure.

krka waterfalls from split
Krka waterfalls swimming

If you are an explorer and love to uncover the hidden realities or addictive to archaeology and historical heritages, you can quench your thirst for knowledge here.
The Krka National park has some ancient heritages like Ozidjana cave, which is situated over the top of the Roski waterfalls.
Inside the cave, there are scattered human and animal bones and other antiques.
And the world hasn’t revealed everything yet, there are still plenty of mysteries to be solved.
Perhaps the Ozidjana cave also has some secrets.

Furthermore, there are many beautiful and safe trails for hiking.
The Stinice-Roški Waterfall-Ozidjana Cave educative trail is one of them and contains several visiting sites.
The trail is about 8.5 kilometers long and consumes 3 hours to pass from one end to another.
Besides, this track is also used for educational purposes.
The Visovacka house is located on the trail, which is also an educational center.
If you want to get a brief knowledge about the Krka national park, Visovacka house is the right place.

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Croatia Waterfalls Krka

All these exciting entertainments and breathtaking natural beauty are in just a single place.
But it’s not just that, there are still more to discover such as Krka Monastery and Visovac island.
If you want to make your vacations the most loving memory of your life,
join the Krka waterfalls tour from Split, make a booking and experience the most adventurous and wonderful journey.
Moreover, the Krka waterfalls tour also provides you with some extras, like traveling by luxury bus and an outstanding cruise ride.

Krka National Park is known for its waterfalls and other wonders of nature, this national park in the Dalmatia region of Croatia has become a tourist attraction.
But that doesn’t mean the waterfalls in Krka National Park alone have nothing to do with the world’s tourists’ attention.
On the contrary, these waterfalls are among the most beautiful natural wonders of Croatia.
And their geographical location allows tourists to enjoy swimming, diving, and other activities safely. There are several points where the pressure of water isn’t too high.

Along-with other small waterfalls, the Krka national park has 3 major and most beautiful waterfalls; Skradinski Buk, Roski waterfall, and Skradin waterfall.

Skradinski Buk

The most beautiful and incredibly gigantic waterfall of Krka national park is Skradinski Buk.
It contains 20 different waterfalls covering the vast area with its scattering attraction.
It encompasses a half-mile portion and the falling height is approximately 150 feet.
The falling water is as white as milk indicating the heavy mass of the water.
It changes its color rapidly into a cluster of different colors and transforms into ocean blue, green, or crystal-clear form.
The falling water fills in the pit and turns into a pond, which allows the capacity for swimming, diving, and other activities.

Roski Waterfall

Just like the Skradinski Buk, the Roski waterfall is not below when it comes to the ratings.
People who visited this majestic beauty, know the value.
Roski waterfall is made up of 12 different waterfalls, but its depth is less than the Skradinski Buk.
It falls from a height of 80 feet.
But it doesn’t make it ordinary, the scenic views of the Roski waterfall have an eye-dazzling ability. Moreover, its lesser height makes it safer and sounder. It covers an area of 2000 feet, which makes it larger than an ordinary waterfall. Like Skradinski Buk, it also transforms into a small pond.

Besides these two great waterfalls, the Krka national park has another scenic waterfall close to Skradin town.
That’s why it was named the waterfall of Skradin. The town is situated close to an entrance to the Krka national park.
There’s a fairy boat service in the town, which carries tourists to the waterfall.
Most people prefer to choose points as closely as possible.
That’s why the Skradin waterfall is mostly crowded, especially during the summer.

Furthermore, it has the advantage of being closer to the town.
In case, if you want to buy something you can easily fetch it from the market located in the town.
Apart from these famous waterfalls, there are several more waterfalls in the Krka national park. The deeper you explore the more wonders you will discover.

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